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Lets demonstrate how much social there is in social media

Let me start by saying it’s only on very rare occasions that I ask for charitable donations. I believe all my friends, all readers of my blog, all followers on Twitter have their own believes and their own sense of urgency and so they decide for themselves when to donate money or other goods.

Each year, I make one exception, related to Vienna’s Integrationshaus, a social institution helping immigrants to lead a decent human life in Austria until they are able to settle, find work and contribute to society themselves. Each year I help collecting for Integrationshaus during the winter and pre christmas.

This year I will make a second exception and so today I would like to ask for your support in an emergency situation, which has been brought to my attention by a close friend, Wolfgang Tonninger.

I will quote him, translating what he wrote on his blog today:

Bucalemu is a small fishing village on the Pacific Ocean, about 150 km south of Santiago de Chile. Bucalemu is the village of our friend Francisco, who has lived 10 years in Vienna and was just at home with his parents when the earthquake happened, and the tidal wave came in. Since then I have not heard from him. No response to mail and SMS.

Early this morning then, the terrible images from Bucalemu: A Youtube video found via Twitter Search. A man walking with a child through the streets, at first not quite so bad, but then we see that the village no longer exists. It’s terrible. We need help. Help please.

I know what I mean. I was on the beach of Bucalemu together with Francisco and his parents. I love this country, which accompanied me for almost 15 years and I am deeply connected to these people.

We have set up a donation account, and we will guarantee every cent will reach the family of Francicso and the people in Bucalemu, we will vouch for it with everything that is sacred to us.

The bank (ErsteBank) will charge no fees for this account and I’ll even fly down and make sure that the money arrives.

Donations to:
Account: Tonninger / Earthquake Victims Bucalemu

Erstebank, BLZ 20111, account no. 30033319752

IBAN: AT572011130033319752 BIC GIBAATWWXXX

There is only one thing I can add: I know Wolfgang for years. I know how deeply connected he is to this region in South America. He’s been there. He has lived there. I trust him. And I hope you do, too.

Let’s demonstrate to Francisco and his village, that people from far away care for them. Lets demonstrate that we can and will make a difference. Lets demonstrate how much social there is in social media. Every cent counts. Thank you very much.

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2 Responses

  1. thx so much franz – for your engagement and little big contributions like this translation – I already widened my post with a link to yours …!

  2. As an update: Almost EUR 5.000,- have been collected, transfered to Bucalemu and put to use to purchase goods and material to help the families and community. Amongst those items are renewed ovens and stoves (mind you: winter is approaching in the southern hemisphere!), three complete diving equipments (Bucalemu lives from apnoe fishing) and material to rebuild houses (bricks, wood, walls, windows, …).

    To put it in Wolfgangs own words: “The people of Bucalemu have hope again and warmth in their hearts. Warmth that has come from you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    Nothing more to say!

    If you care for pictures, click here:

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